Swedish-made custom-moulded in-ear monitors with 100% fit, superb sound quality and absolute comfort.

Unparalleled guarantee – 100% satisfaction!

Because we manufacture and customise our in-ears in-house specifically for each individual, we dare to promise you will be 100% satisfied with a product from us. Our goal is that you, like we, will discover the supreme comfort of a pair of in-ears custom-made for your ears, with a perfect fit, ideal hearing protection and exceptional sound … regardless of the music genre.

We work from our own well-supported ideas about the sound experience and we choose our components with care. This lets us guarantee a quick production time, as well as a fast repair time if necessary. Discover a whole new world of sound with in-ear headphones from Sound & Communication!

Professional and unpretentious

Our in-ear headphones are made with 3D printing in our facility in Lerdala, a small town in western Sweden. Our many years of experience with sound and ears have taught us to make our own conscious choices as regards everything from manufacturing processes to sound components, to ensure an absolutely perfect sound experience. We carry out every step of the way here in Lerdala to make your in-ears perfect, from impression to the final surface finish. If you live far away, we can also make your in-ears based on impressions made by your local audiologist. If you’re looking for a unique sound experience that also protects your hearing, give us a call or drop us a line – you won’t be disappointed, we promise!

How they’re made

We produce your in-ear monitors based on the impression that you send us. It must be a high-quality impression, taken when the ears have been free from other headphones and any use of swabs for at least five days. Include your complete delivery address and an email address when you send your impressions. We will not start production until you have paid for your in-ear monitors. Please contact us with your order and we will sort it all out. When your production starts we will confirm it with an email.

Our models:

– “We know how music should sound and what it takes to ensure that sound”

Our in-ear models are custom-manufactured completely by hand to fit your ears and your needs. We guarantee a 100% fit and the perfect audio profile for you, whether you’re a singer, musician or sound designer.

Technical data

Our choice of components for our various models has evolved over many years of experience. One conclusion we came to early on is that the number of components is less important than their quality. That’s why our range of models at most consist of twelve armatures – the SC 12 – and at the least a “broad” 1-way armature – the SC 1. If you aren’t sure what’s right for you, we suggest you listen first and decide later – we leave no ear disappointed, that’s our promise.

SC 12

Now here it is, The new flagship SC 12! Now we increase the richness of detail in the sound! 12 elements in each ear make the sound even wider. This handset fits everything! The frequency range is 20Hz – 20kHz. Price> SEK 21,900.

SC 8

8 elements and a perfect sound character for bassists. Also suitable for you who play drums or you who just want more bass. The equipment is 4 base elements, 2 midrange and 2 treble in each ear. The frequency range is 20 Hz – 20 kHz. Price SEK 16,900.

SC 6

Recommended for all types of professional sound-related activity. It has two bass, two midrange and two treble drivers with a frequency range of 15 Hz–25 kHz. An in-ear earphone attenuates ambient sound by about 25 dB. Price: SEK 13,990.

SC 4

Recommended for all types of professional sound-related activities. Fitted with two bass drivers, one midrange and one treble driver with a frequency range of 20 Hz–20 kHz. An in-ear earphone attenuates ambient sound by about 25 dB. Price: SEK 11,900.

SC 3

Excellent reference headphones. Suited for voice and guitar, but also for others with extraordinary listening needs, for example in a studio. Extremely high sound quality, one bass, one midrange and one treble driver with a frequency range of 20 Hz–25 kHz. An in-ear earphone attenuates ambient sound by about 25 dB. Price: SEK 10,900.

SC 2

A two-way in-ear headphone with one bass driver and one midrange/treble driver with a frequency range of 25 Hz–18 kHz. An in-ear earphone attenuates ambient sound by about 25 dB. Price: SEK 7,900.

SC 1

An in-ear monitor that is ideal as a hands-free headset for phones. A one-way headset with one broadband driver and a frequency range of 25 Hz–35 KHz. An in-ear earphone attenuates ambient sound by about 25 dB. Price: SEK 5,900.


Sturdy case

Our in-ear headphones are delivered in a clever, durable case – because we know what a performer’s life looks like and how easily things can get squashed or stepped on. As long as the headphones are in the case, they will actually even survive being run over by a car – although we don’t recommend testing that, because it leaves scuff marks on the box.


Tailored to your personality

We offer a range of options to make your in-ear headphones uniquely you. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss the options with us before we start making your headphones. We look forward to your order.


Questions? Send us an email

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